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Mimicking of fraud department telephone numbers reported by Devon and Cornwall police

Current research is showing that scammers are somehow mimicking the telephone numbers of bank fraud departments, so that when the victims checks the caller ID and compares the number against the one printed on the back of their credit cards, the numbers are the same.

Examples so far:
 0467 02/06/2021 –Barclays bank number mimicked. Victim lost £27,000
0290 01/06/2021 – First Direct number mimicked. Victim lost around £30,000
0578 01/06/2021 – Lloyds number mimicked. Victim lost around £25,000
Residents are asked to exercise caution when receiving phone calls of this type. Avoid dialling numbers printed on the back of cards,  If in doubt where possible check with your local branch for updates of your account
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Message Sent By
Shirley Craft (Police, Devon and Cornwall Alert Officer, Devon & Cornwall)