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The Knowstone Parish Website welcomes inquiries (and replies) on any topic of local history. If you can help or answer their questions, or if you have a query of your own, please contact us at:

Case 10/1 Great Comfort Farm, Knowstone

South Molton, has been in existence from Elizabethan times, possibly earlier. Some of its history and 'story' is known to the present owners - Family Colman - but they are keen to find out more. If you know anything at all about the history of Great Comfort Farm (dates, owners, photos, mentions in records) then please contact Phil Colman who will be very pleased to hear from you

Phil Colman wrote on 6 September: I spent a few hours looking at the national archives. I traced the property back to about 1702. I still have to confirm this, but it was much helped when I found an old 1890's map naming the property as Brownford also known as Bromford. The Follett family lived there in the early 1800's with a large family of seven. Little Comfort Farm (on the other side of the road) no longer exists but used to have a large plantation of some form.

We say: Many thanks Phil, if you have time to write up some notes for the web site I'm sure they will be much appreciated and a great help to other local historians.

Case 10/2 -Andrew Shapcott is tracing his family tree

He has found that he has connections with East Knowstone, Shapcott Barton, and also to a man named Algar. If you know anything that might be of help to Andrew then he would be pleased to hear from you - click

We say: Thank you for the inquiry Andrew, a good starting point would be the Historic Knowstone page on this web site! Happy hunting!

Case 10/3 - Richard Skinner from St Paul, Minnesota, USA is tracing his ancestors

William Hill & Mary Chapple Hill ancestors from Ashreigney, Charles, Knowstone and Rose Ash. If you can help Richard then contact him on  he would be pleased to hear from you.

We say: Thank you for the inquiry Richard, with this amount of detail surely someone in the area will know some thing? Keep us informed how you get on.

Case 10/4 -Alan Thomas from South Wales

Visited Devon on the 12th to 14th October on a family history trip. Alan is researching the history of ancestors called GOUGH. If you can help Alan then please contact Alan direct at:

We say: Thank you for the inquiry Alan, good luck with the trip, let us know how you get on.

Alan Thomas wrote on 5th October:  "Just checked out your web page "Great" its good to know there is help out there for us "searchers"

Case 11/1 Steve Veysey contacted us to help trace Knowstone ancestors

Steve is coming to Knowstone on June 4th to 6th to show his 83 year old grandfather where his ancestors originated from. If you can help Steve in his quest then contact Steve on email at 

We say: Thank you for the inquiry, Steve. Don't forget to call in at the Masons Arms to see if anyone can help you there.