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In Touch - The Magazine of the Edgemoor Group of Churches

IN TOUCH is the magazine of the Edgemoor Group of Churches comprising the eleven parish churches listed below.

Church Warden & Contact Number

Bishops Nympton Mrs Frances Gunn 01769 550313, Mrs Cheryl Woollacott 01769 550435

Charles Mr Jonathan Hudson 01598 710350, Mr Stuart Whitehead 01598 710769

East Anstey Mr Keith Bavin 01398 341257, Mr Robert Connell 01398 341282

High Bray Mr Tony Bawden

Knowstone Mr Reg Howe 01398 341508

Mariansleigh Mrs Thelma Avery 01769 550424, Mr Richard Govier 01769 550996

Molland Mr John Lawson 01398 341278, Mr Brian Taylor 01769 550704

North Molton Mr John Fox 01598 740543

Rose Ash Dr Martyn Rix 01769 550281, Mrs Caro Hammick 01769550409

Twitchen Mr Graham White

West Anstey Mr John Morgan 01398 341972, Mrs Rachel Holland 01398 341199

IN TOUCH is published six times a year, in December, February, April, June, August, and October. Articles and news for the magazine are actively sought and welcomed from all organisations working within the eleven parishes, or from any parishioner. Contributions for each issue should reach the editor at North Molton Vicarage by the 7th of the month preceding publication. You can send by email to:   

The business manager, to whom enquiries about advertising should be directed, is Mr Roger Wilson, Crosse Cottage, Bishops Nympton.  01769 550469 or to 


The Edgemoor Group - Priest-in-charge:

Revd David Baker, The Vicarage, North Molton, EX36 3HX, 01598 740325 or


Local In Touch Contacts

Bishops Nympton Cheryl Woollacott

Charles Annie Whitehead

East Anstey Fran Bridger

High Bray Ruby White   

Knowstone Reg Howe

Mariansleigh Ruth Govier

Molland Brian Taylor

North Molton Carol Fenwick

Rose Ash Sharon Brown

Twitchen Hugh Croft

West Anstey Banger Milton