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Message from Devon & Cornwall Police on fuel thefts

Over recent months there have been a number of fuel thefts force wide. Both commercial and domestic settings have been targetted. In particular, there have been several high value thefts from businesses on isolated industrial estates (up to £36k on one occasion.)

We are asking two things:

1. If you have a fuel tank - either domestic, agricultural or commercial, please review its security.
Is it locked/alarmed? Is there security lighting/CCTV? Make it difficult to access if possible.
2. To steal fuel you will need large containers. Offenders will often use curtain sided vehicles (see image) or commercial vans to carry these containers for these offences. If you see these type of vehicles acting suspiciously - especially under cover of darkness or over the weekends please report it to the police including as much detail of those involved as possible Ring 999 if offenders are present or 101 or email if non urgent.