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Crime prevention advice from Devon and Cornwall Police

Crime Prevention -

“In terms of protecting yourself against this type of offence, there are a number of simple preventative measures which you may wish to consider:

Report any suspicious activity, as this will assist in preventing further offending. Offenders will often scout out target addresses during the hours of darkness, so please report any suspicious individuals or vehicles you see to the police. Ensure that your premises are secure overnight. Often the offenders are accessing properties via unlocked doors. You may wish to invest in a sturdier front door lock and/or chain. This could prove sufficient in preventing you from becoming a victim of crime.  Consider the purchase of a motion sensor light, and/or a doorbell camera. These visible deterrents are often capable of persuading offenders not to approach your premises, and to move on elsewhere. Do not keep your vehicle keys in obvious or visible places within your home. The most common factor that links these offences is that the keys used to steal the vehicles were on open display, and were quickly located by an intruder. Wherever possible, utilise any off-road parking or garage that you have access to, or consider investing in a cover for your car. If an offender cannot see your vehicle, they will not target you. Consider registering your vehicle with a stolen car tracker app, of which there are several available to choose from online. This could result in your car being quickly recovered in the event it is stolen, and also something you may not be able to do if it has already been taken by an offender. Some vehicles already have a tracking device installed at the point of retail. Check if this the case, so that you can download any relevant software to your mobile device and are familiar with how to operate it.