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As of last Friday, both footpaths (Enfield House to Wadham Bridge, Shapcott Barton to East Knowstone) have now been cleared. The delay for the completion of the Shapcott Barton walk was due to the cutting team being redeployed to the North Devon… More

The recent paramotor event held at Pouncey's Farm, Knowstone and organised by Mr Spencer Stinchcombe raised £150 for the Parish Hall funds. Mr Stinchcombe organises the annual event which allows paramotor pilots to use his field as a take off and… More

FOOTPATHS UPDATE:  Please note, the Parish footpaths have still not been cut/strimmed despite being advised this would be completed by mid-July. Further enquiries have been made requesting an indication of why this hasn't been done and when it will… More

Further to the recent emergency response and Defibrillator discussions the Parish Council has arranged a CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) awareness day.  This life saving awareness event will be held at the Parish Hall on October 6th 2016… More

Devon County Council have commenced their cutting/strimming programme for all footpaths in the county. The contractors should be with us in Knowstone, hopefully in the next fortnight. Our footpaths are cut in turn, no preference to area. The Parish… More

The next Wednesday bus trip organised by the Knowstone drivers will be to Minehead and will take place on Wednesday 20th July. The day trip will take in at least one other popular venue and will provide a full day "by the sea side". The price per… More

On Saturday 18th June 2016 a Hobby Horse race night was held in the hall. The performances of the jockeys varied considerably with some mastering the technique quickly to race home at speed and others needing much encouragement to collapse over the… More

Rose Ash Parish Council is hosting another meeting with Andy Cole from NDC Environmental Department ref Batsworthy Cross Noise Monitoring. The meeting will be Thursday 30th June 2016 in Rose Ash Village Hall starting at 6.30pm. Representatives are… More

The Knowstone Annual Meeting of the Parish took place in the Parish Hall on Tuesday 24th May and was very well attended. Mike Smith, Chairman of the Parish Council, chaired the meeting and successfully steered the proceedings through a packed… More

The Annual Meeting (the equivalent of the AGM) of Knowstone Parish Council took place in the Parish Hall on Tuesday 24th May. The meeting (which initiates the new year of meetings for 2016 - 2017) began with the election of Chair and Vice Chair.… More