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Knowstone - East Knowstone - Roachill

Spruced up Beaples Stone with new bench

Beaples Stone is a standing stone which lies close to the A361 and the wind turbines. It was moved 50 yards when the A361 was built. It is not a Parish boundary stone, as the Parish boundary runs several hundred metres to the south, but it did lie on Beaples Barton Estate land and was most likely to have been a “rubbing” or “tether” stone for bulls and horses working on the farms in the area.

In 2018 former councillor Timothy Browse decided to pursue sprucing up the area and to apply for a new bench to be situated by the stones. In 2019 all his hard work came to fruition and the bench was put into place. Please see below some photos which Councillor John Pomfret took of the area.