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Popular parishioners move to pastures new

The end of December saw the departure of John and Olwen Smith of Anstice Cottage, East Knowstone who had been heavily involved in village activities during their ten years in the Parish. John and Olwen ran the monthly coffee mornings and both were involved with the Parish Hall committee and the Parish Council with John being chairman and Olwen being the Parish Clerk during their time on these committees. John and Olwen were instrumental in the siting of the solar panels on the Parish Hall roof and the setting up of the community bus which continues to run on Thursdays to Barnstaple and South Molton. John and Olwen were presented with a wonderful cake replica of the community bus at the Christmas bingo, a small thank you from all those involved with the community bus. The cake was cut up and enjoyed by all those attending the Christmas bingo, nearly 100 people in total. Thanks to all those who managed to slice the cake into so many pieces! We wish John and Olwen all the best in their new ventures. We'd also like to welcome James and Debbie Siggs to the village as the new residents of Anstice Cottage, East Knowstone.  

Bus drivers present certificate and cake to John and Olwen Smith
The voluntary drivers of the community bus present a cake and certificate to John and Olwen Smith