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Parish Survey - Investing in a community Defibrillator

It has been suggested that a community owned Defibrillator, located somewhere in the parish, would be a good thing to have and might help to save life in the case of an emergency involving cardiac arrest.

The idea needs further examination and discussion, not least - where should the kit be located? At one site or several sites? How would the kit be accessed? How easy would it be for members of the public to use the kit?  What training would be required? Would there be enough interest and support amongst the public to make the project viable?

Initial discussions suggest that raising money to purchase the kit is not the key "issue" - fund raising can be arranged and there are sources for grants. The real issue is "Would there be enough public support and enough community members trained in first aid and CPR to make best use of the kit?"

To help ascertain if there is sufficient public support for the idea, a survey form will be distributed to every household in the parish over the coming few weeks.

PLEASE take a few moments to complete the form, giving your views, and then return the form to Ian Brooks c/o Manor Cottage, Knowstone, by no later than 1st May.

This issue will then be discussed at the Annual Meeting of the Parish (the annual meeting for ALL parishioners) at the Parish Hall on Tuesday 24th May starting at 8.00 pm.

The survey form can also be viewed here at this link

Thank You for your support on this important issue.