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New recycling policy to come into effect from June 5th

North Devon Council aim to recycle 50% of all waste by 2020 (up 10% from 2010). From June 5th they are introducing some changes to the recycling system. New kerbside caddies have been delivered to households and should contain a useful leaflet on recycling policy.

The kerbside caddy will be collected weekly and should be used for all cooked food, raw food, bones and carcasses, leftovers from plates, tea bags and ground coffee, peelings and egg shells. None of these items are allowed to be placed in the black wheelie bin. NDC suggest lining your caddy with compostable caddy liners or newspaper. Plastic bags should not be used. 

The green wheelie bin (garden waste) will become a paid for service at a cost of £36 a year should you wish to participate. Food waste should not go into this bin. You can register for this service here or by calling 01271 388360. 

The recycling box, green bag and brown bag items remain unchanged. 

You can have up to two recycling boxes and bags and should apply via the website or above telephone number.