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Museum of Barnstaple and North Devon Pop Up Museum

Please find below some information from Sadie Green who is the Activity Plan Programme Co-ordinator for the Long Bridge Wing Extension Project. 

As you may know, or not know, the Museum of Barnstaple and North Devon’s Long Bridge Wing Extension Project is building a new Extension due to open in Summer 2019. As part of this phase a “Pop Up" museum has opened in Bridge Chambers, The Strand, and will be open throughout 2018 whilst we are busy building the new museum.

We would like to reach communities in North Devon, as well as Barnstaple, to help and come in and see us. I will be very grateful if you are able to share the following information locally, in whichever way you can, i.e. newsletter, email contacts and networks etc. I am keen to let as many people know as possible and to invite them into Barnstaple and make a contribution, come and see some of our objects we are getting out of store and have a chat over a cup of tea!

The Pop Up is open to the public on Mondays and Tuesdays between 11 and 3pm. We are calling for locals who have knowledge of North Devon’s history to help identify objects and share their story under five themes.

The Pop Up is collecting photos and stories about schooldays and weddings in North Devon for the new Gallery. We are also collecting your stories on Tuesdays, from April 10th to May 15th about the World of Work – WOW! – and we want your stories and memories about Barnstaple and North Devon’s trades and industries.

On April 10th we would love to hear from people who work, or used to work, in offices, banks and finance and public sector work. We have a 1950s BT switchboard and it would be great to meet any ex-BT workers! On April 17th we want to meet ‘Shappy boys’ from Shapland and Petter as we have lots of objects from the company. Also on April 24th we want to hear from any ex- Brannam’s pottery workers who are willing to share their stories. On May 8th we are finding out about other trades and industries including Dairies, collar making, lace making, flour mills, cobblers, tanneries and glove making.

May 15th is about the land and the sea – for example agriculture and farming, fishing, forestry, shipbuilding.

Our next theme will be Town and Country, exploring amongst other things transport and travel, pannier markets and shopping, media, police and emergency services.

The Pop Up is always looking for Community experts – Pop in and see us if you have lots of knowledge about any of our workshop topics or you used to work for one of those companies mentioned and are willing to spend a bit more time with us to share your stories.

If you can’t make those dates, please call in and see us any Monday or Tuesday in April and May -   enjoy a cup of tea and bring your stories to write down on the day. Our volunteer story collectors look forward to welcoming you.

Please visit the Pop Up museum to find out more, share your story with our volunteer Story Collectors or join us as a Community Expert.  Visit and like the FB page at Popupbarnstaple.