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List of competition winners at Knowstone Fair 2019

A record 140 entries were received for the Knowstone Summer Fair competitions in the four categories of arts & crafts, baking, flowers and photography. Well done to everyone who made the effort to enter. 

The winners and runners up are shown below:-

Arts and Crafts

1) Something made from used plastic: Winner Anthony Vigus, runners up Ian Vigus and Geoffrey Parkman

2) Handmade hat: Winner Elaine Chetham, runners up Laura Parkman and Marie Spence

3) Decorated terracotta pot: Winner Wendy Vigus, runners up Laura Parkman and Elaine Chetham

4) Children's colouring competition: Winner Rosalind Drake, runners up Lola Morgans and Eleanor Petherick

5) Children's space themed plastic item: Winner Emily Bray, runner up Georgia Drake


6) Jam filled swiss roll: Winner Laura Stanbury, runners up Rachael Bray and Jeanie Hicks

7) Bunch of six cheese straws, five of which were encircled in sixth: Winner Bev Costerton, runners up Laura Parkman and Rachel Bray

8) Earl grey teabread to given recipe: Winner Elaine Chetham, runners up Margaret Phillips, Jeannie Hicks and Clare Vigus

9) Children only - decorated pizza: Winner Emily Bray, runners up Hannah Spence, Luana Bryan and Flo Towner

10) Gentlemen only - 6 shortbread fingers; Winner Geoffrey Parkman, runners up Ed Costerton and David Morgans


11) A floral arrangement based on theme '50th anniversary of first moon landing': Winner Marie Spence, runner up Laura Parkman

12) 1 x specimen rose: Winner Margaret Phillips, runners up Bev Costerton and Debbie Maidment

13) Small posy: Winner Laura Parkman, runners up Clare Vigus and Thelma Willmetts

14) Children's garden in a biscuit tin lid: Winner Rosalind Drake, Amber Brown Cousins and Georgia Drake

15) Children's small posy: Amber Brown Cousins


16) A spectacular view of Devon: Winner Rachael Bray, runners up Thelma Willmetts and Ray Sweet

17) What I love about Spring: Winner Rachael Bray, runners up Wendy Sweet and Bev Costerton

18) Close up shot of flora and fauna: Winner Thelma Willmetts, runners up Wendy Sweet and Susan Vigus

19) Favourite place in Knowstone: Winner Wendy Vigus, runners up Jeannie Hicks and Rachael Bray

20) Children only - My Favourite Food: Winner Lola Morgans, runner up Emily Bray