Knowstone Parish Council

Knowstone - East Knowstone - Roachill

Knowstone Quiz Night tests the brains of parishioners

A competitive fundraising quiz night was held in the Parish Hall on 17th March. Five teams entered the fray and battled for supremacy. Ian Brooks, as quizmaster, set a challenging quiz which tested the brain cells. Towards the end of the quiz the teams were required to name all seven reindeer and all the female Tory cabinet members with a point given for each mentioned. This meant that the team rankings changed significantly. At this point the quiz mirrored the Oscars ceremony with the winning trophy being handed to the 'wrong' team. Ironically the team who were eventually named as the winners queried if they had actually won as they had been languishing in last place at the half way point. After a lot of debate and merriment it turned out that the 'wrong' team were actually the rightful winners and all was put right post the quiz. Congratulations therefore go to the 'Wrong Trousers' team on retaining their trophy for a second year. £148 was raised for the Parish Hall funds.