Knowstone Parish Council

Knowstone - East Knowstone - Roachill

Footpaths in line to be cut / strimmed

Devon County Council have commenced their cutting/strimming programme for all footpaths in the county. The contractors should be with us in Knowstone, hopefully in the next fortnight. Our footpaths are cut in turn, no preference to area. The Parish Council have also arranged for a second cut, in mid-August, of Footpath # 3 (Eastacott Farm to Shapcott Barton) and Footpath # 7 (Enfield House to Wadham Bridge), as these two paths become overgrown very quickly. Please note, the cost of the first cut is borne by DCC, and subsequent cuts are paid for by Knowstone Parish Council. For all interested, there is a map in Knowstone village notice board of all the Parish footpaths, including the Two Moors Way which bisects the Parish.