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High speed fibre optic broadband arrives

Following work to upgrade the telephone cables, high speed fibre optic broadband is now available to some within the Parish (we cannot guarantee it will reach everyone so you will need to check this for your individual household). Some parishioners have started to achieve higher download and upload speeds after setting up new broadband contracts with BT (other providers are available).

Those who have ordered the Infinity service from the BT website say it was a fast set up process with dates for Openreach to visit being given and a date for the postal delivery of the router. Following this the engineers needed to do two things. Firstly a new cable was fixed from the nearest pole to the outside of the house. Secondly they drilled a hole through the wall and connected two boxes to the inside wall. The router was then connected to one of these. It is important that you check with BT as to whether the job will be completed in one 'hit' or two stages and make sure that the engineers doing the work are also aware. As mentioned previously there is no obligation to use BT but this is who those who have upgraded have used so we are basing our information on their experience. 

For those who have business broadband accounts then there is an option to use a middle man to complete the upgrade. Barry Pollard who represents BT Local Business (and operates under the name Coastal Communications Ltd based in Plymouth) has helped local businesses upgrade and current feedback is that this has been a fast and efficient process. His contact details are:

BT Local Business (represented by Coastel Communications Ltd)
Mobile: 07736 476 467
Direct: 01752 753038

As before there is no obligation to use him but we wanted to let people know who has been used to date as it is a good starting point.

Good luck!