Knowstone Parish Council

Knowstone - East Knowstone - Roachill

Beware - theft of dogs in local area

Please be aware that we have had a spate of dog thefts in a nearby Parish, which is only a reflection of what is sadly happening nationally.

It is not just working dogs that are being stolen, so it is imperative that ALL dog owners are particularly careful when leaving dogs in outside kennels, tied up outside shops and supermarkets and whilst left temporarily in vehicles (especially when windows are left partially open for ventilation which can be easily forced open). Dogs left to roam in gardens which are close to footpaths or roads may be particularly vulnerable. Thieves are careful to avoid security cameras so they may not be the deterrent you may think … although they may help to deter or identify dog thieves it is by no means guaranteed. PLEASE do not be complacent as the loss of a much loved dog can be devastating. So please be careful and observant and help look out for yourself and your neighbours, and hopefully we can keep this cruellest of crimes away from our Parish.